Exactly who or what is an A*S*Y*S? Acid stole your shoes? Acid shagged your sister? Acid sinks yellow submarines? ACID SAVE YOUR MOTHERF*CKING SOUL! The shadowy enigma of the A*S*Y*S project has long been a hotly debated secret- part rock star, part production genius, part globe trotting player and without question a whole lot of acclaimed superstar DJ comprise the acid warlord and the subject of our humble tale. Fusing the aggression of hardstyle with the rhythm and funk of smashing techno and an all pervading rock & roll sensibility, it is of course the siren song of the A*S*Y*S 303 inferno that has come to best signify the boundless and indefinable style that has taken the world at gun point.

Frank Ellrich has long been an icon of the hard edged scene, however it is his ability to evolve and remain at the very cutting edge that has seen him rise above many of his contemporaries- Frank is unquestionably hard dance royalty.  Although cutting his teeth first alongside Kai Tracid as part of the Tracid Traxxx mafia, Frank has since spread his wings with countless productions, assumed a war chest full of guises including Ellrich & Plaice, Plasmatics, Riddler & Headcrusher, X-frame plus of course the recently hugely successful Kairo Kingdom on Deadmau5’s label “Mau5trap”.

First and foremost A*S*Y*S is know for his revolutionary studio productions- dark acid odysseys which have set dance floors ablaze across the planet.  Frank Ellrich is the tormented puppet master behind dozens of eternal classics including Acid Nightmare, Acid Save Your Soul, Acid Headcracker, Theme From Pharmacy and the world conquering No More F*cking Rock & Roll which was one  of the highest selling dance releases of 2005 and included anexclusive cut from world number one DJ- Paul Van Dyk. Not content with such a string of monster hits Frank Ellrichs  remix credits read like a trance and techno formguide.  

Frank has stamped his style onto remixes such as Yello’s Vicious Games - CygnusX- The Orange Theme, Kamui - Electro Slut, Kai Tracid’s Tiefenrausch - The Deep Blue and the ultimate hard trance anthem Blade from Public Domain. A natural progression from the success of the studio was for Frank to take the show on the road and take the music to the people. Since 2000 Frank has toured the world headlining major clubs and festivals the world over, such as Qlimax, Defqon 1, Dance Valley, In Qontrol, Mystery Land, Ground Zero, Creamfields, Global Gathering, Airport Jam, Planet Love, Parklife, Pharmacy and many many more.His effervescent style of performance has seen A*S*Y*S stage diving in Australia, climbing the rafters in Japan, moshing alongside fans in the UK, dancin Samba in Brasil and playing 100% live in front of tens of thousands of people in Holland. The A*S*Y*S stage show is as much about passion as it is about high octane beats and punishing melodies.  

Since late 2007 a next major step was made by Frank.With the intention of giving the harder genres an almighty kick in the balls so as to steer the genre in an exciting new direction Frank 'Rockefeller' Ellrich cast the dice and joined the fray establishing his own label Fe-Records" in late 2007. The label now caters for a wide spectrum of clubbers, delivering everything from the funkiest hard electro through to the pounding intelligent harder styles. The label successfully launched the career of forward thinking duo Kamui with their hit Electro Slut and has given rise to many other innovative releases such as Werkzeug, Spielzeug, Lost in Acid,  Klick Klack & Bassturbation and won already two Beatport awards for the best Harddance single in 2009 and 2012.  

The time has come for another necrotic A*S*Y*S birth. Forged of a Faustian deal with devil, the goblin king has reached new levels of deranged genius with his latest album release “BPM IS DEAD”. Boundary warping beats fuse seamlessly with a full frontal aural assault that rivets together molten elements of acid glitch hop, hard electro and hardstyle into the Frankenstein's monster of hard dance releases. A*S*Y*S, kill them all!  What more is left for A*S*Y*S? Perhaps he'll write the next great German novel to inscribe his countless tales. One, two, A*S*Y*S is coming for you.....  

Events Played:  

Qlimax NL 

Tomorrowland - Begium

Defqon 1 NL

Mysteryland NL

Dance Valley - NL

InQontrol NL

Decibel - NL



Afterlife - USA

Digital Inovators - USA

WEMF - Canada  

Defqon 1 - Aus

Transmission - Aus  

Pharmacy - Aus

Family - Aus

Masif - Aus

Utopia - Aus

Plastic - Aus  

Cream - Ukraine

Tiesto World Tour - Ukraine

Airport Jam - Estonia

Technopolis - Russia  

Creamfields UK

Kiddfectious UK

Planet Love UK

Parklife - UK

Brixton Academy UK

Country Club UK

Riot - UK

The Arches - UK  

Trancefusion - CZ

Global Gathering - Poland  

Giga - Japan

Ultra Pumpin - Japan  

Future Scope - Brazil  

Metropolis - France  

MAD - Swiss

OXA  - Swiss

Sektor 11 - Swiss  

Sense Your Mind - Sweden  

QBase - Germany

Nature One - Germany

Time Warp - Germany

Musical Madness- Germany

U6093 - Frankfurt

Tunnel - Germany

Airport - Germany